Wroxeter Homes For Sale

Wroxeter is a small village located in Horwick Township. Founded in the mid-19th century, this small community was once a busy and populated area with multiple general stores, hotels and schools. This community was also one of the first locations to determine the importance of the booming city of Toronto, and had a train connecting the two cities that ran daily.

The village of Wroxeter has become a quant town where residents can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment. There are many major employers just outside the town limits that allow for a fantastic employment opportunities just a short commute out of town; these include companies such as Bruce Power, OLG, and Toyota. Wroxeter also has local churches, post offices, and even a dairy bar for locally made ice cream.

Wroxeter homes for sale include both new and century homes to fit their resident’s unique styles. Many century homes that reflect the styles of the late 19th century were built as the city quickly boomed, and today serve as a great reminder of the city’s history. Newer homes with modern finishes like stone countertops and large bedrooms can also be found in Wroxeter. No matter the type of home you are searching for, you’ll find a perfect fit in Wroxeter!

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