Wingham Real Estate For Sale

Wingham is a community located in the North Huron region of southwestern Ontario. The small town is separated by the Maitland River, which runs directly through the town, though the town has many bridges over the river. The town was founded in the early 1850’s, and quickly rose in popularity in the 1870’s due to railroad expansion. The town currently has just over 2000 residents.

For a small community, Wingham is full of excitement. Large business have not shied away from the small population, and the town is now home to many popular chains like Foodland, The Beer Store, Subway, Valumart and Tim Hortons. You’ll also find a community center, a Tae Kwon Do school, three radio stations and a local museum to keep you busy all year around.

Wingham real estate for sale is a beautiful mix of old and new. Century homes that have stood since the 1800’s make up most of the town’s downtown real estate, featuring charm and attention to detail impossible to recreate in newer style homes. Modern Wingham houses for sale will fulfill even the most difficult of real estate wish lists, with large kitchens and family rooms, bedrooms with ensuite baths, and fenced in backyards. If you’re looking for Wingham houses for sale, you’ll be pleased with the variety of options you’ll find!

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